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Oil Drain Location for a John Deere XUV 560

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Changing Oil on the John Deere XUV 560

Well we have reached our first 8 hours of service on our 2016 John Deere XUV 560, and it is time to change the oil. The first 8 hours are just to break the new motor in and it requires a new oil and filter change. After a trip to John Deere to pick up the oil change supplies, I went out to the shop to tackle this project for the first time. I get the manual out and start looking at the instructions for the oil change. Then I figure out that the manual and my XUV 560 are different. I am not sure exactly what the pictures that are in the book depict, but my machine is different. Where is the oil drain location?

The Problem – Oil Drain Location

The picture of the drain location is inaccurate. The drain is actually on the side of the motor just below the oil filter. The drain plug on the XUV 560 is a square headed plug. It uses a 3/8″ ratchet with no socket on it for removal. So the good thing is that I do not have to go back to John Deere for a special tool. After locating the drain plug, the oil change was very easy to complete. I have added a video below that shows you where the drain plug is located. It also shows some of the other areas that if you have a XUV 560 you will eventually need to know about. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment below!

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