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John Deere 3032E

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John Deere 3032E Workin’ it.

Buying this John Deere 3032E has been one of the best investments that we have made so far. This tractor has taken everything we have thrown at it. Moving over 500 trees, moving big stumps, moving dirt, tending fires, mowing and now dirt smoothing.

If you do not know, the gulf coast has a dirt that the locals call gumbo. It can be hard as a rock on top, while being sticky and messy underneath. We had a bulldozer come out and move some dirt around and he left us with a lot of holes and track marks. So today I went over and used the box blade and the John Deere 3032E and lined it out. I am getting used to using my go pro, so I made a quick video as well!

We cannot wait to not only get in the house and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city

John Deere 3032E


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