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Easy Life Hacks – Make Life Easier!

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Make life easier with these easy life hacks!Easy Life Hacks -10 House Repair Hacks

Life Hacks or Life tips have helped many over the years by offering simple solutions to everyday problems. This video offers 10 Easy life Hacks that you are bound to use. With life as busy as it is, who couldn’t use more time and a simpler life.

Cutting a bolt with a hacksaw:

If you have ever cut a bolt with a hacksaw you will know it’s a pain! With this hack, you can cut your bolt easily with your hand drill.

Ouch! Holding those tiny nails:

Ever hit your thumb with a hammer because the nails were too small? Use this hack to hold those pesky small nails with a comb, clothes pin, or even tweezers.

Slide them In:

Screws go in rough and not so easy? Use hard bar soap and they will slide right in!

Cut tile with no saw:

Just need to cut a tile but you have no saw? Use this easy life hack to cut with just water and a glass cutter.

Where are my nails?

Losing those nails when putting up pictures? Here are a couple of Hacks that will help. Hot glue a magnet on the end of your hammer! How about slipping a magnet under your arm sweat band to keep those nails real close!

Drill driver magnetized:

Stick a small magnet on your driver bit or screwdriver and make it instantly magnetic.

Paint your projects inside:

Use this easy life hack and start painting inside using just a box. Really good idea when you are challenged for space.

An easier way to clean a paint pan:

Line your paint pan with foil and simply peel it up after painting. There you go! Nice clean pan!


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