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Making a USCutter MH Series Work on a MAC!

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There are many many blog posts out there that indicate that running one of US CUTTERS vinyl machines off of a mac is impossible. Well we are here to tell you how we made the USCUTTER MH series cut away being run by a mac.

We had a mid 2010 IMAC that the hard drive finally gave up on. We ordered a hard drive upgrade kit from Amazon by the name of OWC

After installing the upgrade kit we purchased a copy of the Windows 7.

This is the software we are using

We then used bootcamp assistant already in our mac and split the drive. Since the drive was double the last drive, I split them evenly,

We rebooted and windows 7 Installed. Windows was running, We then downloaded the bootcamp files and got all of the windows drivers loaded.

After following all of the steps to get the windows machine functioning of the mac hardware, we connected the US CUTTER MH series with the USB cord. It was too short really to move to far from the computer so we ordered another longer one from here.

16 ft cords

We hooked the mac to the mh series us cutter and it loaded the drivers from windows update and bam – It started plotting beautifully. Now we can share the mac and windows design studios and still retain that 27 inch iMac screen,

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