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2 Stroke Oil Money Saving Tips – SAVE NOW!

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I use this 2 Stroke Oil and it is awesome!!

Save money and save machines using less 2 Stroke oil
Looking to save money on your 2 Stroke Engine oil, yet get superior oil protection? I know I do. I also struggle keeping up with all of my different 2 strokes that have different mixes, The video above goes through the awesome advantages of mixing oil for any machine at 100:1. Saber professional allows you to only keep one can around with a 100:1 mix . The less oil you use, the more money you save. At the same time the less oil you use, the less carbon buildup you will have in all of your machinery.


Saber 2 Stroke Oil Is Designed for Professionals
AMSOIL Saber 2 Stroke OilSaber professional is Designed for pre-mix applications as lean as 100:1 ratios or richer. Improves throttle response and lowers or eliminates smoke. Minimizes deposit formation and lowers emissions. Performance emphasis on hand-held power equipment such as chainsaws and lawn/utility equipment. So if you are like me and tired of caring around 4 different gas cans, and always forgetting what mix my weed eater takes, then Saber can give you goos 2 stroke protection while allowing you to mix at a much higher rate saving time and money.GET GOING TODAYSource:2 Stroke Oil Money Saving Tips – SAVE NOW!


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