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Junking – err.. Antiquing 

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Tosha has found a new way to shop – junking as my mother referred to it. Antiquing or vintage shopping to some. Whatever you call it we now have some cool stuff.  Great finds out in Montana These canisters are amazing.


Vintage Kitchen Canisters
Vintage Canisters

And what better way to keep the birds away from the house than having a feeder. She says “we are going to hang it from the big oak tree to keep them from pooping on the house.” Guess we shall see if that actually works. Seems like we fill them up at the feeder and then they have quite a bit more ammunition for the house….. At least that is how i look at it.


Vintage Bird Feeder
Vintage Bird Feeder


Either way, some nice additions! Now we just need to build a place to put them…

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