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Free Stock From Robinhood – It Really Is Legit!

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Free Stock?

Free stock trading? Sound too good to be true? I thought so too. After talking to several people that were using the Robinhood app, and trading with it daily, i was convinced enough to give it a little try. I downloaded the Robinhood app, added a few dollars to the account, and wham – a free share of Groupon! Wow, they do give you free stock. So i made a couple of trades and sure enough it was immediate and was commission free.

I then shared the link they supplied to help my friends get a free share, and was rewarded with several more free shares of stock. My account went from a $50.00 deposit to 92.12 with the next several shares. Free shares up to $500 is one heck of a deal. You can then trade those as you wish.

So within a few hours of opening I received 6 shares of free stock. Pretty good way to start off! You can earn up to $500.00 worth of free stock by sharing with your friends. If you are ready to get a free share of stock and start investing in stocks with no fees, CLICK HERE!

free stock
Here are the shares I received for sharing the app

I am now past the point of benefitting from linking to this, but I was skeptical and wanted to ensure that other skeptical people have an honest opinion. Although I do some trading on other platforms, what better way to play around with low volume penny stocks with no fees. Good luck happy trading!

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