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Kreg Jig K5MS Super Kit – My First Jig

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Kreg Jig Kit – Go Big or Go Home!

I finally broke down and purchased a Kreg Jig Kit. It was much harder to choose than I thought it would be. Kreg has so many different must have tools in so many different configurations that it was hard choose which of these I could do with out. Well just like any tool man, it seemed that I could not do without any of them. The Kreg Jig Kit that I chose is the Kreg Jig K5MS Super Kit. The Kreg Jig K5MS Super Kit was the biggest kit that I could find on Amazon and they had it to me in a couple of days.

I bought my new Kreg Jig Kit because I continue to look at awesome plans on a lot of websites and they use these to make pocket hole joinery that looks very easy to do. Not only does it look easy but it also looks very clean with tight joints. I plan on building some cabinets with this in the garage and the pocket hole joinery will allow me to save a lot of time and mess as the router will get to stay on the shelf. This particular kit has the clamps, and screws as well. I am sure I will run into something that it doesn’t have, but time will only tell. Look forward to posting pictures of the projects! If you would like one for yourself, see below!

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