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Slowly but surely it’s clearing!

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Clearing property is a big job. You really do not realize how much work cutting and clearing trees is until you get after it. You work hard for 8 hours and look around and you think to yourself “man I haven’t even made a dent!”. Buying a good chainsaw was a great investment. We chose a stihl because if you watch tv, I am sure you have run across some kind of Alaska show. If you watch these programs you will notice that this is the brand that they use the most. If it is good enough for folks in Alaska with what they face, then it is good enough for us!


Lots of work ahead!Clearing Trees  Clearing

It seems like it wants to rain every time I have time to clear the property. We had a few days the last few weeks that it was finally dry enough to work. I got quite a bit done in a short time. Went back this weekend to continue and of course the sky falls out. I am sure mid July I will be praying for the rain. Right now it’s just a pain in the rear!

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