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Photos of clearing progress 

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Photos of Land Clearing Progress

Below are some photos of our progress clearing our land and getting ready to build. This has been a labor of love getting these trees cleared out for our house build. Looking back I might do some things different, but overall it was a very rewarding experience. If you are going to do this yourself, I would recommend purchasing a tractor. We purchased a John Deere 3032E and it has been a life saver. It has handled whatever we have thrown it’s way.


Land Clearing Photo
Almost have the build site ready! Getting a fire going.


Big Fire
That is one heck of a big HOT fire!


John Deere 3032E
The John Deere 3032E has been put through it’s paces clearing these 3 acres


oak tree
The big oak tree in the back is finally visable.


John Deere
This John Deere Tractor has saved my back!


revved up
Getting the fire revved up to get the rest of these trees cleared.
Deason Construction
Deason Construction is going to get it done!
Stump Removal
Too many Stumps!
Felled Trees
Looks like too much work!


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