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Land Clearing Progress

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With a lot of sweat we were able to make quite a bit of progress with the land clearing. This project was the first time that they were really exposed to the bugs that Texas has. After a lot of mosquito bites and fire ant bites we have the bull by the horns so to speak. We tried a fogger to fight the mosquitoes, but it just wasn’t very effective out here. So deep woods sprayed heavy allowed us to get it done. Poison Ivy was a new experience for the family as well. Not sue what they think about all the itching and scratching. After a doctor visit and shots I think they have it under control. You would think that Caladryl would do it, but nope!

Land Clearing Photos


Live Oak
Over 200 Year old Oak


Land Clearing
This will Be the Back Porch View


Land Clearing
This will be our view off the front porch


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