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Land Clearing is Done! 

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The Joys of Land Clearing!

After removing and clearing over 500 trees, we are finally at the finish line of our land clearing project. This has been one heck of a job over the last year. One by one we fell and cut up these trees. The front section where the house is we rented a cat excavator and dug out and removed the stumps. Land Clearing - Nothing But Stumps Remain
In the back half of the property we still have all of the stumps to deal with. We are now debating whether to dig these or grind them out. Having over 400 stumps left in the back half makes it very expensive to hire out the removal. Land Clearing - Huge Oak tree stands out when land is cleared

This has led us to the conclusion that we will most likely end up removing these stumps ourselves using a rental stump grinder. The smaller stump grinders such as the DR Grinder or the small rental units are not going to cut it. It looks like the 30hp self propelled stump grinders are going to be the way to go.
Land Clearing - Stumps are cut ready for removal

We have marked and painted all of the stumps in the mean time so that they will not get hit with a mower. There is still some work to do, but as far as clearing we are done.

land clearing - land is cleared!

Stay tuned for the stump removal as we get this job started very soon!

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