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Exterior House Paint Turned Out Great!

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Exterior House Paint is Complete!

The painters have come and gone and the exterior house paint is complete! Luckily the rain that continues to fall held out long enough to get it completed. We went with three different colors on the exterior house paint. The darker of the three on the trim and doors is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn SW 7674. The main house paint is Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast SW 7675. The lighter trim colors and soffit is Sherwin Williams Zircon SW7667. The three colors go very well together and will match perfectly with the rock that will go at the bottoms of the columns and the places that are now blank.

The sheetrock and stone has been delivered and the insulation was going in today. Step by step we are getting there!




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  1. Fantastic job. This is gorgeous! Still contemplating the Birchwood or The Spotswood. Keep the photos coming. 😊
    Thanks from South Carolina.

    June 1, 2016

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